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The Common Ills
47% of Post-9/11
Veterans Know a Fellow Vet Who Has Attempted Suicide

47% of Post-9/11 Veterans Know a Fellow Vet Who Has Attempted Suicide This is from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America: CONTACT: Gretchen Andersen (212) 982-9699 or 47% of Post-9/11 Veterans Know a Fellow Vet Who Has Attempted Suicide IAVA’s Annual Member Survey Reveals Key Findings on Mental Health, VA Mental Health Care Utilization, Employment and More Washington DC (July 24, 2014) – According to a new survey completed by IAVA members, 47 percent of respondents know at least one Iraq or Afghanistan veteran who has attempted suicide, while 40 percent of respondents know someone who has died by suicide, up three points from 2013. That is one of many critical findings from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America’s (IAVA) groundbreaking 2014 Annual Member Survey, released today at a press conference and panel event in Washington DC. The largest and deepest recent survey of post-9/11 veterans... (more)

Not In His Name
counter intelligenc
e - a summary of what we face as a people

A five part film of what we face as a people, it is only by knowing what we are up against that we can address it as a people. The Company The Deep State The Strategy Of Tension Necrophilous Drone Nation Clip: The Politics Of Conspiracy Theory

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A short note
I have just comp'd my community page (well, one of 'em!) and now I'm holding my breath darling as my tum is acting up and making me feel a bit off. Perhaps I just need some breakfast - you are cordially invited (cyberspace invite of course!) to share a lovely interlude with me; while we sip hot coco (or whatever) and pass time in a pleasing way - I can imagine you right next to me, and it's still such a loving, and lovely thought... shoulder to shoulder, side by side or facing each other over a table - doesn't really matter the setting; so long as you are here.... I'll see you later darling; I must go and deal with some food and drink. You go with me in thought regardless... always.. Love & hugs xx

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